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Hurray, Knox is back again!

Awesome Klayworld Klaymation! I'm gonna show this to my friends.
Funny as always! Hope to see more sometime :D

Another one from Adam Phillips.

I think I watched this one 3 times. After knowing a bit more about the animation side of Disney from the book 'The Animator's Survival Kit', I can see why you are the top of Newgrounds.
Well, this flash is astonishing, fits well into the music and all movements gives the feeling of what they are supposed to give. In conclusion: More! More! :D


What a hell of a job, the funniest part was the snakes with fake british accent XD
This thing needs to be broadcasted on TV.

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Awesome game.

I played this game since it came out, which means that it's been an hour. Haha I got addicted to it and couldn't close the window untill now. This game totally rocks because it's simple enough to try really hard on it, and hard enough to keep trying without the abillity to stop lol (like the Throw It (KB game)).
I find this game parallizing to the sticky hands exersise in kung fu. The technique just matches alot in my eyes. Anyway, I just stopped to review now, but im gonna keep on trying after I finish, because I put it on my favourites. So far my record is 62 and I barely got near to it expect 60, 57, 56... But at least I don't drop from 40 :) Im sure in few months if I take back a look @ this game I will see people with 100 and stuff haha...
I originally planned on reviewing a submission I could write alot on/to, but I just had the urge to review this, because it's really awesome.
Im glad you submitted it and I came across it, hopefully this gets front page!

Oh HELL yes!!!

W00t im first in the hi-scores!! <b>;)</b>
And thanks for putting me on the CREDITS!!! (;D
Haha, anyway, LOLZ, I really enjoyed this awesome game, eventhough I don't like much games like this!
But I really love the combination of 3D characters in flash and the animation of them. They all looked very great and each level's pic is awesome, it's really neat you made them in Bryce (I once tried using it and couldn't even make the simple mountains :D)!!. I also like the 46x46 pic you put, it looks FUNKY.
Menu and stuff are also really cool; therefore, you get a 10 for graphics.
Music perfectly matched to the area (some by the name of them also... :D) and every function etc of the movie is very comfortable. Set-up is great; therefore, you get a 10 Style.
I had no bit of a problem with any of the musics. Even the first one which repeats tons of time doesn't bother me, I kinda like this kind of music actually. And as I mentioned before, the music ofcourse matches the background of each level. The Audio Portal is full of great musics, like the Flash Portal is full of great flash. I'm glad you picked some great musics; therefore, you get a 10 for Sound.
Killing each character was terffic. I had great fun spinning around killing lotsa' monsters. Death animation and colorings while being hit and all are great; therefore, you get a 10 for Violence.
Heh, you're one of NG's best actionscripters, I reckon! ALL actionscript I faced was perfectly working smoothly. I liked having actually more than 10 stages filled with interactivity that is getting more complicated (i'd like to say btw, that I think you should have a BONUS stage o_O). There are also cheats, haha! Scrolling is very comfortable and also every other action; therefore, you get a 10 for Interactivity.
I haven't heard of, if there are actually any, games that are parody shooting - so I think Humor isn't really something should be focused here heh... Yet, as I said before, the animation of dying monsters is FUNKEH! Well some of the enemies are pretty funny (umm funkey) like YELP, which I can't help it but call it 'Hadwig'. Also, SPAINGBOT is somewhat funny with klowness. BUDDY is actually funny because well it's obvies.. He's Interactive v1.01!
EAGEN was nice as it squashed haha..
Also, you wrote in the comment Program used: Notepad, that's funny; therfore, you get a 10 for Humor.
I'd like to say that I voted 5. Yet, I can't remmember much from what score to wut I changed it, since I closed the voting page...
Anyways, good luck with your new child (;D), future projects, career, whatever.. !!!
Carmel the Dinosaur ;)

Denvish responds:

Ha, that's one hell of a review. Thank YOU for helping beta-test, even though it seems like you were looking for an excuse (heaven forbid) to give me a ten for everything. Yeah, I did use notepad, for holding code bits. I'm glad you liked the game before and after Beta, and thanks for the good luck wishes. Sorry you got knocked down the scoreboard a bit, the Top 50 filled up quicker than I expected...

Lol funny voice :D

Very cool 71 sounds... thats very original to do a soundboard of yourself (XD)
Good style :) and when you roll over the play button, there's something that appears, is that got any relation to the NG museum? haha anyway i liked the stop laughing the most :)

alexsmolik responds:

Haha, yeah, glad you liked it man. Well I thought that since every celebrity had their own soundboard, I might as well do mine, because I'm a celebrity... In my mind. And yeah, the "play" button was inspired by NG Museum... I wanted to try something out.
Thanks for the review.

Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created the Matrix. No, it wasn't made by some giant Architect - just some dumb kid. That picture is from 60 MYO, but my hair is finally in style so I haven't bothered to change it. I'm getting old.

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